Next Steps

All CE Courses will be held on SCO Campus.

Friday, September 25

8–10 AM COURSE 1

Neuro Brainteaser Cases
Christopher Borgman, OD

COPE ID: 45473-NO 2 hrs CEE

Course Description: This course will review and discuss the pathology behind 14 real neuro-optometry and orbital pathology cases that are not seen in optometry every day. An approach to review and use our knowledge of ocular anatomy, physiology, and pathology will be reviewed to best manage patients that may not present every day. New thoughts in the management and treatment of neuro-optometry and orbital pathology cases will be reviewed.

10 AM–12 PM COURSE 2

Amblyopia Diagnosis and Treatment Made Simple
Marie Bodack, OD

COPE ID: 40508-FV  2 hrs CEE

Course Description: This course will present a review of amblyopia diagnosis and treatment. Attendees will become familiar with the different types of amblyopia. Participants will become comfortable in performing an examination on a child with reduced vision, and will learn what examination techniques are helpful in arriving at a diagnosis of amblyopia. Current treatment options, including occlusion, pharmacological penalization and vision therapy will be discussed. A review of the Amblyopia Treatment Students ATS and other research will be included.

12–1 PM COURSE 3 Lunch and Learn

Your patient said what? Effectively Communicating and Deciphering With Your Patient
Carrie Lebowitz, OD

COPE ID: 46156-PM 1 hr

Course Description: This course will highlight several general personality types encountered in patient care. For each type, methods of facilitating effective communication will be offered; case examples will be provided in association when appropriate. Interpretation of chief complaints will be highlighted as well as effective patient communication. Options in communication training for office staff will be discussed.


SECO 2014 Presents: Meds that Don’t Mix with Glaucoma Patients
Tammy Than, OD, MS

COPE ID: 39277-PH 1 hr

Course Description: Many pharmaceutical agents have been known to cause drug-induced glaucoma and/or exacerbate existing glaucoma. This course reviews a variety of contemporary medications that eye care providers must be aware of when managing patients with glaucoma.

Saturday, September 26

8–10 AM COURSE 5

Clinical Decision in Retina
Mark Dunbar, OD

COPE ID: 43486-PS 2 hrs CEE

Course Description: Interesting cases with important questions when examining the retina will be presented. From the macula to the peripheral retina, a potpourri of conditions that we routinely see in our clinical practices will be discussed with the answers to the questions that we all ask ourselves.

10 AM–12 PM COURSE 6

AMD Update
Mark Dunbar, OD

COPE ID: 39526-PS 2 hrs

Course Description: AMD remains one of the most common causes of vision loss in the geriatric population. There have been some exciting new discoveries in AMD including recent advances in genetics, as well as a further understanding of the role of inflammation, the compliment cascade and other mediators for the development of AMD. This course will discuss genetic testing, the anti-VEGF drugs, results of the AREDS2 as well as new treatments in the pipeline for dry AMD.

12–1 PM COURSE 7 Lunch and Learn

Evaluation Pearls of the Pediatric Anterior Segment
Janette Dumas, OD

COPE ID: 45844-FV

Course Description: Avoidance of conducting pediatric eye examinations is understandable when gathering optometric data is difficult. There are strategies primary care optometrists can use to facilitate an effective and efficient examination with children. This presentation will review helpful approaches to examining the anterior segment, how to overcome common challenges during the examination, and pinpoint significant anterior segment anomalies that are associated with pediatric eye examinations from infancy to adolescence.

1-3 PM COURSE 8 Reunion Speaker

Lab Testing: Its Role in Diagnosing and Managing Ocular Disease
Tammy Than, OD, MS

COPE ID: 44520-SD 2 hrs 

Course Description: The course will provide a clinical review of tests applicable to optometry, how to obtain test samples, and how to interpret the results to be better able to diagnose and manage ocular pathology and systemic diseases that affect the eye.


Therapeutic Update
Tammy Than, OD, MS

COPE ID: 43097-PH 1 hr 

Course Description: This course reviews the newest topic and systemic medications useful in the treatment of ocular disease. Benefits of using the new drugs over existing medications will be discussed along with contraindications and potential side effects. The use of case examples will emphasize the clinical indications.

4-5 PM COURSE 10

Optobesity: Managing Obesity in the Optometric Practice
Gregory Wolfe, OD, MPH

COPE ID: 45666-PB 1 hr 

Course Description: The consequences of the obesity epidemic are sobering. A report by Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation projects that by 2030 all states will have at least a 44% obesity rate. With this growing epidemic comes an ensuing tide of co-morbid systemic and ocular conditions. The effect of obesity on ocular health as well as the possible ocular complications of systemic pharmaceutical treatment of obesity will be discussed. In addition to understanding the underlying public health issues related to obesity, participants will learn new and innovative health care initiatives to feel comfortable addressing obesity in the exam room.

Sunday, September 27

9-11 AM COURSE 11

Update on Corneal Cross Linking and Myopia Control
Dan Fuller, OD and Christina Newman, OD

COPE ID: 45899-CL 2 hrs 

Course Description: This course will provide guidance on the role of contact lens practitioners in the management of corneal cross-linking and myopia control patients while updating them on these emerging technologies. Topics discussed will include discussion of the underlying principles; a critical review of the scientific literature; review of available technologies; regulatory issues; selection of suitable candidates; evidence-based management strategies; monitoring approaches; adverse events; and practice management concepts for integration into a primary care practice. Actual cases will be presented.

11:30 AM–1:30 PM COURSE 12 Special Session Lunch and Learn

Rational Prescribing and Drug Diversion
Christopher Borgman, OD

COPE ID: 45409-EJ  2 hrs CEE

Course Description: This course will review the various aspects of prescription writing to include the required elements of a prescription and information regarding controlled substances. The course also will discuss the acquisition of a DEA number and prevention of diversion. Finally, an overview of common prescribing errors will be presented and the course will conclude with suggestions to enhance patient compliance. This course meets the latest Tennessee state requirement designed specifically for two hours of prescribing practices.